I'm a friendly, passionate and enthusiastic DOP with 11 years experience in the Television Industry.

I began my career as a camera trainee/ 2nd AC on TV Dramas, features and short films, before moving to my preferred fields of factual, comedy and entertainment - in which I spent 5 years as a camera assistant/ focus puller assisting many incredibly talented DOPs.  

I enjoy a challenge and I feel that through my experience of working in different fields and mediums of film-making that I've developed a very versatile approach to camerawork, taking a range of differing techniques of operating and lighting learnt from DOPs across the varying mediums of film-making listed above.

I thrive in run-and-gun documentary situations, when quick lighting, an editorial mindset and fast decision-making is key in deciding how a situation will be presented on camera. However, I also flourish in extensive planning and shotlisting for elaborate cinematic sequences - working closely with the director to tell the story in the most fitting visual style. 

I am committed to achieving the strongest visual style to suit the production.